Privacy Policy

Last updated: August 16, 2019

Myhomed Ltd. (henceforth referred to as "us", "we", or "our") runs the website (henceforth referred to as the "Service").
This section will cover all our policies that touch on the collection, use and revelation of Personal Information when you use our website.
Your personal data will not be exposed to third parties and will only be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Your data will be used to provide and improve the Service. If you use our site, you will be agreeing to provide your personal data, and it will be used to provide and improve the Service, in compliance with our Privacy Policy. The terms used in this section have the same definitions as those of the Terms and Conditions section. They can be found at

Provision and Use of Information

To use our site, you may have to provide us with some personal data. This information will be used to identify you and contact you when necessary. Some data you may be asked to provide include your phone number, your email address, your postal address, and your name.

Log Data

Log Data refers to the information that your browser sends to our Service when you visit the site. This information will be collected by our site and can be used to improve the functionality of our website. Some information that can be collected from your browser includes the time of your visit, the amount of time you spend on the site, the pages you visit, the browser you are using, the version of the browser, and other relevant bits information.

Log data may also be collected by tools such as Google Analytics. The tools will also monitor and analyse the information collected. The services we use have their own privacy policies that govern how they use your personal information.


When you visit our site, you will get a prompt to either accept or reject cookies. It may be essential for you to accept cookies in order to access the full service of our website. Cookies are simply small files that contain some unique identifiers, and they are collected by your browser from a website. The information is eventually stored in your computer’s hard drive. Cookies are used by our Service to collect data that can help identify you.

Use of Third Parties to Provide Our Services

Occasionally, we may have to share your personal information with third parties who have been enlisted to provide services on our behalf. Such parties may also be hired to facilitate our service or to help us analyse the use of our service. Companies or individuals who have been hired as third parties have to adhere to our privacy policy and may not disclose your information for any other purposes.


You will have to provide some information that will help us contact you whenever the need arises. Usually, we will contact you with information on newsletters, promotions, and other marketing materials that may be of interest to you. You can always use the unsubscribe button to opt out of receiving these emails.

Complying with the Law

In some cases, the law may require us to reveal some of your personal information. This may be because of a court order in your jurisdiction. Whatever the case, if we get a reasonable legal request to reveal some of your personal information, we may have to send it to the relevant authorities.


Our Service aims at providing the highest levels of security of your personal information. However, since the information is sent and stored in electric form, there is no guarantee of 100% security. We can only guarantee that we always act in accordance with the accepted UK and EU security standards.

Transfer of Information

Your personal data may have to be transferred and stored in computers located outside your jurisdiction. Since our computers and servers are located in the United Kingdom, all the personal information of our customers is stored in the UK. This means it will be stored as per the UK regulations and laws. By using our service, you consent to this transfer of personal information. In case a dispute comes up because of the international transfer, the courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction over the matter.

Connection to Other Services

Our website contains links to other sites, some of which are not connected to us in any way. When you click on a link, you will be redirected to a different website. Here, you should review their privacy policy since we cannot guarantee the safety of your data on other sites. We don’t have any control over your personal information on third-party sites and it will be up to you to determine how safe your data is on those sites.

The Safety of Children

On our site, anyone under the age of 13 is considered a Child. We do not knowingly accept the personal information of Children and strongly advise parents or guardians to monitor the information transmitted to us by their Children. If you are aware that your Child has sent us their personal information with the wrong date of birth, please contact us so that we can delete their account. Verification of parental consent will be required for any customers under the age of 13.

Updates in Our Privacy Policy

We may make some changes to this privacy policy occasionally. All changes will be effective as soon as they are posted as updates on this page. To make sure you don’t miss any updates to the privacy policy, you should visit this page regularly. Also, whenever an update is made, we will send out notifications via email, and we will also post a notice on the website.

Legal Jurisdiction

This privacy policy follows the laws of England and Wales. Any conflicts shall be settled in accordance with the laws of these two regions.

Contact Us

If you have a question regarding our Privacy Policy, you can contact us for clarification.